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International Conference on Network and Information Security (NISecurity) 2022

19 août 2022 00:00

China | Hangzhou

 The objective of this conference is to provide a platform and opportunities for researchers, scientists, scholars and engineers to exchange their research experiences and share new ideas to promote their research progresses in the field of Network and Information Security with the discussion on practical issues, challenges encountered as well as solutions adopted.

The development of information and networking technology has generated great benefits to the life of human being. The information and networking security is the important technique to protect the information systems and networks from various malicious cyber-attacks. The information security has been investigated for a quite long period with huge research results, while the security of emerging information systems needs to be further studied. The security of communication networks is another research focus due to the real-time nature of the networks and the development of emerging wired and wireless networks.       

The conference committee of NISecurity 2022 is excited to invite the authors and scholars from all over the world to submit research papers on the topics of the information and network security to demonstrate their recent novel research progresses and results at the conference. The authors and scholars are encouraged to participate in this significant conference to obtain and exchange new knowledges to promote the advances of the academic research in the field of network and information security.

NISecurity 2022 will be held in the beautiful city of Hangzhou, China The conference will start with a reception on July 23 2022 followed by two full days of technical sessions consisting of keynote speeches and plenary lectures to overall audience and oral presentations and poster presentations by participants in various sessions.

We truly believe that NISecurity 2022 will provide the best platform for all the participants to have fruitful discussions and share research ideas on information and network security. Finally, we do wish all of you to have a memorable experience on the conference and seize this opportunity to promote future international collaborations.





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